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Blueprint - Light Fixture

This is a blueprint built for Unreal Engine 4.20. It provides a simple workflow for setting up meshes and lights together, with a set of shared parameters to control color and intensity of the lights and emissive texture simultaneously. It also includes animation functionality for the light intensity, with 7 preset animation curves, and an explanation of how to add your own custom curves.


- Demo Scene explaining the Blueprint Functionality

- Parent Blueprint which has a light prop geometry combined with a spot light and point light, with a set of parameters to control the color and intensity of the lights and emissive simultaneously. Light Animation controls are included as well, with a breakdown of how to add more animations and create new child blueprints.

- Two example Child Blueprints made with two example light props. These props are purely for demonstration and do NOT have UVs or textures.

- Documentation explaining how to set up a new child blueprint and how to set up more animations. The Blueprint and Emissive material have comments throughout for clarity and so you can get a better understanding of how this asset works.

-All Blueprint scripting is held within a Parent Blueprint so all of your light fixture functionality can easily be controlled and you can add more functionality if desired which will propagate to all child blueprints (similar idea to working with materials and material instances in Unreal Engine).

- Comes with 7 Light Animations - 4 Flicker Variations,  2 Sin wave style warning lights, and a fire Animation. Animations are set per instance via a simple drop down menu, and, for optimization, Animations only play when the player is within a certain radius of the light, which is also controlled per instance.

To set up, download the .zip file, navigate to the 'Documentation' folder and follow the instructions of PDF '1 Importing Assets to Your Project'.  

More information on Blueprints and this asset here:

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