Video Horror Society - The Facility - Lighting Part 2
Video Horror Society - The Facility - Lighting Part 2

While at Hellbent Games I worked as the lighting artist on Video Horror Society (VHS) - a competitive, asymmetrical multiplayer game.
Lighting from start to finish - redid lighting from scratch. From blockout through final lighting, optimization, post process, and color correction.
My main focus was to use lighting to create a visual connection between rooms and 'zones' within the level to make it easier for players to navigate the level.
These images are from when I left the studio. Final in-game lighting may be slightly different, Sean Disero took over lighting after I left.
Art / Design Direction:
. . Chris Mair
. . Eman Soupidis
Level Designer:
. . Kevin Okada
Environment Artists:
. . Corissa Karvonen
. . Brandon Woodsford
. . Rhiannon Catton
. . Monique Disero
. . Robert McCall
. . Sean Disero
. . Finlay Moylan
. . Dominic Pekar

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