Video Horror Society - The Hotel - Lighting Part 1
Video Horror Society - The Hotel - Lighting Part 1

While at Hellbent Games I worked as the lighting artist on Video Horror Society (VHS) - a competitive, asymmetrical multiplayer game.
Lighting from start to finish. From blockout through final lighting, optimization, post process, and color correction. Also created some shaders for the level.
My main focus was to try and create a visual connection through lighting between rooms and 'zones' within the level to make it easier to players to mentally map the level.
These images are from when I left the studio. Final in-game lighting may be slightly different, Sean Disero took over lighting after I left.
Art / Design Direction:
. . Chris Mair
. . Eman Soupidis
Level Designer:
. . Kevin Okada
Environment Artists:
. . Corissa Karvonen
. . Brandon Woodsford
. . Rhiannon Catton
. . Monique Disero
. . Robert McCall
. . Sean Disero
. . Finlay Moylan
. . Dominic Pekar

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